The New Regulatory Landscape for High Frequency Trading in 2012

Traders who take part in high frequency trading are using advanced technologies in their desire to be successful. They trade securities such as stocks or options using very sophisticated computerized algorithms. There is a frantic pace to high frequency trading.
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The Future of Block Trading in 2012

The future of block trading in 2012 has become a hotly discussed topic among economists and financial experts alike. It is the trading or the ordering of large quantities of securities usually having a value greater than $200,000 and is usually prohibitive for the individual investor. This is when institutional trading comes into play and can greatly influence the market value of a share. Block houses are firms that are staffed with individuals are trained for handling block trades such that the block house will represent the customer and ensure that they will get them the most favorable deal upon receiving a purchase order for a certain number of securities. Of course, a direct arrangement between companies can also be set up completely eliminating the middle man.
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The Cantillon Effect: Tall Buildings As an Economic Indicator

This is hardly surprising: as any decent architect could tell you, though rarely these days it seems, an economist, tall buildings are just built spaces to make the land pay. As a general rule, skyscrapers are a speculative project, built mostly by developers with other people’s money. Such buildings are going to be built only when credit conditions are easing or at their easiest, the time when developers are most flush with funds: hence the link with credit, and to Richard Cantillon.
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Financing Your Property Development With Bridging Loans

It is important to remember that the bridging loans are not always the best solution. While they provide a way to expedite the necessary funding for closing a sale, it is still a second loan. Again, keep in mind that these loans are more costly than other typical products.
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Product and Service Codes

Product and Service Codes are a necessary part of government contracting. If you’ve been researching the federal marketplace, you’ve likely run into the “PSC” acronym before. I know I was very frustrated trying to find the one place to find out what my PSC code is or what it even meant.
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Loan Officer Jobs

Loan officer Jobs are plentiful at the moment. All Mortgage Loan Officers are happy at the moment. How soon we forget.
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Job Security Through Job Training

Job security is one of the most coveted assets and man or woman can have in the current economy. With many people unemployed, under-employed, or shakily employed, every on is asking how they can feel and be more secure in their current jobs. What separates you from the guy who just got laid off? Will you be next? How can you keep that from happening?
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How To Evaluate The Risks In Peer To Peer Loan Investments

Investing in The Lending Club and Prosper loans can seem very attractive, based on the rates of return. These investments, though, can be high risk. This is especially true if one chases high returns without diversifying. This article includes advice on minimizing the risk and maximizing returns.
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What Do I Need to Start a Catering Business?

If you have ever been to a wedding that offered a sit-down meal, there is a good chance that the food you ate was furnished by a catering service. On average, the caterer makes $10 to $20 per person.
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How Can Value at Risk in Excel Increase Your Efficiency in Managing Risks?

Finding ways to lessen risk has been very important not only to private investors and traders but also to small, medium and large corporations. Value at risk or VaR is well-known and used by regulators, practitioners and academics to aid them in understanding and managing risk. A lot prefer to use Value at Risk in Excel since it provides tools for calculation as well as it is an organized way of presenting information.
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Why You Need To Comprehend Regression And Correlation Analysis

How often do we use regression and correlation analysis in our lives? People can relate a well groomed entrepreneur to someone being financially successful. The energy you feel when you wake up early in the morning depends on how early we went to sleep the night before. A parent assumes that the more chocolate or sweets his/her child consumes the more energetic his/her child is. Analysis of correlation and regression can give us an idea about the relationships between variables that can be used to determine future outcomes.
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Agriculture Investment – The Effect of Rising Incomes on Real Asset Values

Many Investors are considering real assets as part of a shift towards real-asset alternative investments such as farmland in an effort to separate at least a portion of their portfolios from the performance of financial markets. This article discusses the effect of rising incomes in emerging economies on farmland values and incomes.
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Things To Remember When Relying On Correlation Analysis

There are many instances that companies make use of correlation analysis. This tool is useful for determining the relationship between two variables. A company may want to know the relationship between the total number of salespeople to the total number of sales or the price of gold to the current dollar rate.
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Top 5 Things To Watch Out for When Getting Started in Investing

Investing can be fun and very rewarding. Investing can also destroy your bank account if you’re not careful. Here is my list of the top 5 list of things to watch out for when you are getting started in investing.
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The Components of the Best Real-Time Data Software

How much do you rely on real-time data to formulate good business strategies? It is amazing how it delivers information instantly after it has been collected. With zero information delays you can immediately view the changes in business events allowing you to make good decisions.
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What Will Happen to Bank Fees in the Future?

What will happen to bank fees in the future? Merchant Banks are now generating considerable revenue and profits by charging fees to both end consumers or account holders and to merchants who want to offer payment services to their customers. This article seeks to gaze into the crystal ball (as far as this is possible of course) and consider what the future might hold for merchant bank fees of all kinds.
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Minha Casa Minha Vida – Investing in Brazil

Brazil is regarded as the 7th biggest economy in the world and has been selected to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It is an excepted fact though often ignored that when countries are awarded the hosting of major sporting events like the World Cup or the Olympics that it is a clear sign of an economy that is booming.
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Discover More About the ATM

The ATM is where a great majority of the world’s population withdraw cash from their bank accounts. But with so many ATMs around the world, and with so many people using them on a daily basis, isn’t it time that we learnt more about these devices?
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An Effective Interpretation Of The Yield Curve Chart Can Help You In Your Investment Decisions

Often, long term rates and short-term rates move in adverse directions concurrently. You need to determine the entire pattern of the directions of interest rate movements. With the help of the yield curve chart you can see the entire movement of interest rates and use it to predict economic development and output changes. A clear view of the yield chart enables you to perform future predictions.
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The Potential Benefits of Using Rental Equipment Companies

One of the greatest challenges with large construction projects is the cost of acquiring heavy equipment. Depending on the project, the cost of construction equipment can be very expensive. In addition, only individuals who have the required skill and experience are qualified to operate these machines.
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